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first lettucecutting seed potatoesgourdspie pumpkinssweet cornYum!Thompson family, along with a Market helperGot a little too much rain! Ryan was busy digging a trench that day to help the water flow outsome of the potatoesjust weeded broccoli field. All the weeds tossed in between the rows green and purple cabbagecolored cauliflowerwatermelon!excited for the first of the harvestpotato fieldgarden behind our house lookin cute! Showed the kids how the transplanter worksFlame weeding the onionsTransplantingNewly transplanted pepper plantssweet cornEarly season half share boxsugar snap peaspotato field just plantedplanting potatoesNew PotatoesMid season Whole share boxjalapeno peppers, mixed cherry tomatoes, tomatoesIndian CornEarly season half Shareyour farmers-Ryan & BeckyEarly season Whole ShareRyan & daughter AudreySunset at the farmour Farmer boy- EliOur oldest daughter Lydia loves to help. Here she is fixing some of the pepper plants that didn't get planted correctly with the transplanterLate season Box half share