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Meet the Farmers

Meet your farmers Ryan &  Becky Thompson.

Farmer Ryan has been farming since he was just a wee little kid at 4 years old.  At 4, he learned how to drive tractor, helped his grandpa out at the St. Paul Farmers market selling vegetables, and helped feed the family's livestock. As he grew older, he gained more responsibilities around the farm. As he grew even older and graduated high school, he knew he wanted to stay farming. Ryan's grandpa passed away in 2009, Ryan kept on vegetable farming. He found land to rent and was able to borrow equipment while he started. In 2013, Ryan & Becky were able to purchase 14 acres of land in Nowthen to call their own, and hopefully someday will be able build a house on their farm.

Ryan's wife Becky, grew up just down the road from Ryan in Nowthen, MN. She also grew up on a farm, helping with feeding the young calves, and also did her fair share of stacking hay bales. Becky worked as a Nursing Assistant since she was 16, and 8.5 years later, quit working at the hospital, to help focus with Ryan on growing their business. She soon discovered how passionate she was with growing vegetables, how stressful it can be at times, but also how rewarding it is. It is amazing going through all the hard work of planning, working up the land, planting, weeding, and harvesting.  The rest is out of their hands; the sunshine, rain and temperatures to grow all the beautiful, unique vegetables. It truly is amazing watching everything grow. It is such a blessing to be able to grow fresh, healthy and local vegetables for the community we live in.