Thompson Produce

Frequently asked Questions

 How should I decide which share size is right for me?

First of all, do you cook most of your meals at home? If so, an individual share is typically good for 1 person. A half share is good for a family of 2-4, and a whole share is about the right size for 4-6 people. Of course it depends a little bit on how much vegetables you can eat also. So, if you don't cook most nights at home and only a few nights, then a family of 4 should probably get the half share size, and a family of 2-3 should consider the individual size box. Getting too large of a box for the family that is too busy to make meals most nights can be overwhelming and its best to go with the smaller size. The half share size is the most common size for most families. 

 Can I share my box with another person?

Of course you can share your box with another person. For some people it works best for them to split their share with another household and divide up the veggies, and maybe one will love the radishes while the other may not. But, we will only package all the veggies to the one box, and you can split them however you may like after picking up the box.

What happens if I go on vacation and I can't pick up my box a certain week?

We don't give refunds for missed weeks. If you know you are going to be missing a week, find a neighbor or friend to pick up your box that week. Just let us know in advance if someone will be coming to pick up your box, or if you just choose not to have a box that week.

 How do I know if a CSA is right for me?

Do you enjoy cooking, or want to learn? Do you want to incorporate more healthy, nutritious produce into your diet? Do you like the challenges of seasonal eating? Do you like the idea of committing to your farmers and sharing the rewards? If so, then a CSA could be great for you!

 Are you organic?

No, we are not organic. Although we use very minimal chemicals. We do use a pre emergence right away when we plant to help with the weed control. We will use a safe spray if or when we need to, to save a crop from bugs. We have done our research. It is by far way more natural than any produce you would buy from a grocery store. We eat the produce we grow, and we feed it to our small children. 

Can I pick and choose what goes into my box?

We would love to be able to let people pick and choose what they would like to receive in their boxes every week. Unfortunately, it is too time consuming, and if we spent more time packing our boxes we would have to raise our price. Being a part of a CSA you will be able to try new veggies that you normally wouldn't always buy from the grocery store. We encourage you to try new recipes with a vegetable that you never have cared for in the past. You may discover that you actually enjoy it. If there is something you still find that you don't care to eat, you can always give it to a neighbor or a friend. Maybe they would enjoy it, and it wouldn't go to waste. 

What if I want to cancel my membership? Can I get a refund?

Part of the reason we do a CSA is to get some cash flow during the off season to pay for the farm expense to be able to plant again. By signing up you commit to supporting us through the whole season and in turn reap the rewards of the bountiful harvest. In certain circumstances, we would possibly consider. 

What kind of payments do you accept?

We accept cash, check, debit/credit.

 What are the dates of the 2019 CSA?

We are expecting a 16 week CSA program. June 19th is the approximate start and October 4th is the expected end date. It can vary slightly depending on the weather and when our produce is ready to harvest.

 What if I want to join halfway through the season, would I be able to?

If our season is not yet sold out, we will let someone join at any time and will prorate the payment accordingly.